We Support Wildcrafting

NutriRain truly believes in the wisdom of nature. That is why we use only organic or wild crafted ingredients. We prefer wild crafted ingredients. What is wildcrafting?

Wildcrafted herbs are organic herbs grown and cultivated naturally in the wild for health purposes. They are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner that doesn't affect their source or environment in which they naturally grow. Since they grow in their natural protected environment they are grown organically without any use of pesticides or fertilizers. Strict protocols assure proper identification of plant species and optimal time of harvest. These protocols insure conservative harvest yields and habitat protection in order to facilitate conservation of these valuable plants for future generations.  

We believe as do many that wildcrafted herbs are superior to commercially grown organic herbs because when nature produces them in their ideal environment and under ideal natural conditions the herb plants can attain their full health benefits.  

"All wild herbs are Wildcrafted from non-polluted areas located in the mountains that surround us. So the Wildcrafted herbs are purely natural. The Wildcrafted herbs are very healthy. They often occur in clusters and grow in 'ideal' conditions under which they can attain full medicinal potential."  

"Wildcrafting is the practice of harvesting plants from their natural, or "wild" habitat, for food, medicinal, or other purposes. It applies to uncultivated plants wherever they may be found, mostly in wilderness areas. Ethical considerations are involved, such as protecting endangered species."  

"When wildcrafting is done, proper respect for nature and the plant is used so that, generally only the branches or flowers from plants are taken and the living plant is left, or if it is necessary to take the whole plant, seeds of the plant are placed in the empty hole from which the plant was taken. Care is taken to only remove a few plants, flowers, or branches, so plenty remains to continue the supply."  

"Wildcrafted plants are regulated by The Organic Food Production Act of 1990. Harvesters must designate the area they are harvesting and provide a three-year history of the area that shows no prohibited substances have been applied there. A plan for harvesting must show that the harvest will sustain the wild crop. No prohibited substances can be added by processors."

*Sources from the Rodale Institute and other industry sources on wildcrafting.