About Us

The NutriRain brand is developed and owned by Innovations 21, LLC in 2007. Our talented staff has many years experience in R&D, sales, marketing and customer service in the natural dietary supplements industry. 

The basis for NutriRain is founded upon the purity and wisdom of nature. Our manufacturing facilities and prcedures follow the highest GMP+ industry standards. It is the same facility that produces the renowned Dr. Christopher dietary supplement line. Our formulations are based on the best knowledge and experience in the industry supported by The School of Natural Healing. Our ingredients are the highest quality certified organic or wildcrafted. Our cold percolation extraction process was invented by the late Dr. John R. Christopher, MH, ND and provides the concentrated all natural plant phytonutrient extracts that make NutriRain so effective.

We believe in being good stewards of the earth and its resources. We support efforts to take care of nature so that it can attain its full potential while helping us to attain our full potential. We also believe in the goodness of people. While we develop products to best support good health in everyone, we also have high standards for customer service. Everyone is important to us and is treated as such.  

NutriRain is the sum of these beliefs and efforts. We are very pleased with our results and want to share it with everyone. Please let us know how we are doing. We value each response from our customers and it is our goal to always strive to improve ourselves, products and company. With your help we can accomplish this.

Please accept our most sincere thanks!

Here are some of the organizations and efforts we support:

Retail Sales Opportunities  We would love to have you sell NutriRain products. In order to set up a wholesale account you must submit a valid Resale License & a Federal Tax ID #. After submitting a request, your account representative will contact you once your wholesale account has been approved. You can submit a request on our contact us page.