Dr. Ward Bond, TV and Radio Host, Author and Lecturer.

Ward W. Bond PhD.We at NutriRain were fortunate enough to become acquainted with Dr. Ward Bond a few months ago. We because of similar nutritional philosophies he was kind enough to evaluate and post a review endorsing NutriRain products. We are impressed with his knowledge and experience as an exceptional leader in the natural lifestyle industry. He has a sincere passion to educate and help people experience optimal health through natural means. The answer is in nature. From his DrWardBond.com webpage:

Dr. Bond is widely known from his writings, his television and radio appearances, and his lectures, as one of America’s most prominent authorities on what has become a "hot" topic: the use of natural, safe supplements to combat problems of our health and to head off potential problems associated with aging.

Dr. Bond hosts the daily television program, “Dr. Bond’s THINK NATURAL” which airs across the United States in 46 million households on CTN, DirecTV (Channel 376) and Dish TV (Channel 262) Dr. Bond has currently filmed over 1,900 episodes of THINK NATURAL. “Dr. Bond’s THINK NATURAL” is an exciting and informative television program that takes viewers daily into the world of natural medicine, exercise, eating right and taking care of your pets. Ward Bond, Ph.D. whose distinctive blend of teaching, fun facts, and interviewing the top experts in the field of natural health has made him the hottest nutritionist in America today. In past seasons, he’s covered subjects ranging from anti-aging secrets, cardiologist-approved nutrition, improving digestive health; and bringing back the ancient discoveries of natural healing found around the world and much, much more!

Dr. Bond hosts the weekly radio program, “Dr. Ward Bond’s Life Changing Wellness” an exciting and informative half hour radio program that takes listeners into the world of natural medicine, nutrition and reversing disease the natural way. Ward Bond, Ph.D. whose distinctive blend of teaching, fun facts, and interviews the top experts in the field of health has made him one of the most sought after voices of health and wellness in America today. This program is about natural health solutions, inspiring stories and life changing tips to get your body, mind and spirit going in the right direction. He interviews the top experts in health, nutrition, fitness, as well as celebrities, athletes and those who make a difference in everyone’s wellbeing and more. 
A new episode debuts every Wednesday morning for your listening pleasure and available on The radio program will be available on RadioMD.comiTunes, TuneIn, Android, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio

Dr. Bond has appeared on DayStar's Celebration, many ABC, NBC and Fox affiliates discussing the benefits of natural health. 

Dr. Bond accomplishments:

  • First to create the only oral nutritional program for Interstitial Cystitis.
  • First to bring awareness to the use of Hyaluronic Acid for Arthritis.
  • Created a very successful Hepatitis C Support Program to help reverse elevated liver enzymes and viral load counts, as well as reduce damage to the liver.
  • Created a very successful Multiple Sclerosis Support Program to help stop MS flare-ups and provide vital nutrients that feed the myelin sheath and the nervous system.
  • Created a very successful, yet simple program for Lyme Disease and Weak Kidney Function caused by Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. 
  • "Dr. Ward Bond's Vitamin, Mineral & Antioxidant Guide"
  • “The Top 20 Life-Changing Nutrients You Can’t (Shouldn’t) Live Without!: Volume One”
  • “The Power of the Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Regenerate Your Brain with Lion’s Mane” Edition One

  • Speaks on natural health topics all across the United States. 

For more information visit: www.drwardbond.com

Mark Dayley
Mark Dayley