What makes a superior supplement?

Is it the ingredients, the formulation of the ingredients, the delivery method or the manufacturing process? Obviously it is yes to all of the above and it can make a significant difference to you. You need to feel confident that you can get the results you want for a happier and healthier lifestyle. It is always wise to check the source.

In my previous post, “Whole Foods for a Happy, Healthy and Productive Life” ingredients in their whole natural state are best. Only Non-treated or steam treated organic and wildcrafted botanicals (herbs) should be used. There are plenty of cheaper ingredients when available and used by many companies.

You may have the highest quality ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies but if the proper steps are not followed (correct proportions, order, temperature and time), you will not get a delicious tasting cookie. Only experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the historical use of herbs can provide formulations that will get results. Formulators for NutriRain have training that includes degrees from The School of Natural Healing.

Delivery Method:
Herbal formulations are available in tablet, capsule, pill, liquid, oil and extract states. Oils are external and tablets, capsules, pills and liquids are swallowed. NutriRain chose extracts due to their superiority over other formula states and combined it with an oral sprayer. The sprayer delivers a metered dose of extract formula that is more easily and quickly absorbed by the body. Oral spray is an effective method for the body to assimilate nutrients.

Manufacturing Process:
Botanical extracts are best for several reasons. First they are naturally concentrated. For example, extracts used in NutriRain dietary supplement sprays are a 4:1 ratio (4 part herb to 1 part vegetable glycerin or in some cases a small amount of pure grain alcohol). NutriRain uses a proprietary cold percolation process originally developed by the John R. Christopher to ensure that no enzymes are destroyed. This extraction process preserves the natural occurring enzymes in the plant. Unfortunately it’s all too common for other manufacturers to use a heating process which destroys many of the vital nutrients and enzymes in the plant. The glycerin is tested for DEG contamination and is DEG free, kosher, and derived from palm.

Secondly they have a longer shelf life than dry herbs and thirdly they are easy to take (no difficulty swallowing hard tablets or dry capsules). NutriRain also makes them pleasant tasting by adding cinnamon oil (Cinnamomum verum ) for natural flavoring.

CofA’s (Certificates of Analysis) are standard for dietary supplement ingredient sourcing but the manufacturing process for NutriRain includes additional qualifying steps. Each ingredient is validated for efficacy before acceptance for use through High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography and then again once each batch is finished to ensure the highest quality. Many competitors use IR (Infrared) to verify the identity of each plant. This method is cheaper, less accurate & does not have the ability to detect contaminates, such as pesticides in the herb. NutriRain also used Organoleptic testing and a full spectrum of Microbiological Testing on each plant. These tests include TVC (Total Viable Count), yeast and mold counts, coliform counts, E-coli and salmonella. Additional quality assurance tests are performed on all raw materials include High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chromatography & Heavy Metal ICP-MS test.

This manufacturing process meets and exceeds current government GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) quality standards and is more testing than many competitors. All to ensure the highest quality and consistency. The NutriRain facility is climate-controlled, contains a state of the art laboratory and performs regular in house audits as well as FDA audits
Mark Dayley
Mark Dayley