Whole Foods for a Happy, Healthy and Productive Life


Our bodies work hard each day. They require nourishment to supply energy, replenish and repair muscles, organs and skin as well as support the immune system to fight diseases. Each day we consume food and water to provide our bodies with what they need to have a happy, healthy and productive life. How can we get the most of what we eat? Most would agree that a diet of natural healthy foods is the foundation. What is a truly natural food?

The term “natural” has a very broad application by manufactures today. For this discussion, natural is defined “as found in nature” or plants in their whole state or “whole foods.” This includes organic, non-GMO and free of pesticides or other chemicals. ”Wildcrafted1” is whole plants in their natural state. Wildcrafting will be discussed in greater detail in an upcoming article.

"We live in a society that eats so much processed and manufactured food, that I think there's some genuine confusion about what qualifies as a whole food," says Tara Gidus, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. 

When you eat whole foods, you're getting the food in its natural state," Gidus tells WebMD.  "You're getting it intact, with all of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are in the food." Basically, it's the healthy whole food, rather than the bits that remain after refinement and processing2.”

Our bodies are designed to easily recognize whole food as found in nature. Whole food is easily and completely assimilated and utilized by the body. Assimilation is facilitated by the digestive process beginning in the mouth where it is chewed, mixed with saliva and swallowed continuing the process.

Standardized, processed or synthetically produced substances also called food are more difficult for the body to recognize, properly digest and utilize. Plant chemistry is very complex and to attempt to isolate a compound and standardize it is a feeble attempt to improve on nature. Optimal results can best be achieved when trusting the balance and combination of the unique list of compounds found in natural whole foods. All compounds in Echinacea, for example, work properly together for the best result.

We all want to enjoy life to the fullest, feel young and energetic and eliminate disease as much as possible. A diet of whole foods and dietary supplements formulated with whole plants, as found in nature, along with proper exercise, regenerative rest, plenty of fresh air and water and balanced emotions provides the sure foundation. Whether shopping for your dinner menu or selecting the proper dietary supplement, look for whole food/plant sources.

The ingredients in NutriRain brand supplements are whole botanical plant based as found in nature.

The next article will discuss how to best utilize whole foods and plants for dietary supplements to provide optimal results.


1 http://nutrirain.com/pages/we-support-wildcrafting

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Mark Dayley
Mark Dayley