How to get a Great Night's Sleep - Step 2


A busy life is the standard for many. It can seem that each day contains new demands placed on you. At the end of the day, do you attempt to make a mental to-do list? Do you ever feel that you will probably forget something? Do you worry? Stress occurs when you perceive that demands on you exceed your capacity to cope1.  

According to the American Psychological Association, stress can result in serious health conditions including insomnia, a weakened immune system and other serious health issues1.

Your mind works hard so give it a break. In addition to the mental and emotional ease you deserve, you will be rewarded with better quality sleep.

Step 2: Relax your mind and emotions 

Here are some mental and emotional relaxing tips for better sleep. 

    • Do something relaxing you enjoy to unwind2.
    • Exercise, take up a relaxing activity such as yoga, deep breathing and eat healthy1.
    • Smile and laugh more. Talk to a friend about anything stressing you1.
    • Unplug. Light from a TV or digital device suppresses melatonin production and stimulate the mind rather than relaxing it. Read a book, listen to music or try relaxing exercises instead. Make relaxation your goal instead of sleep.
    • Perform a mental system back up by making a simple to-do list so you can clear your mind. Keep it at your bedside.

    Next are some other good practices to help you regenerate your natural sleep cycle.

    • Set a regular bedtime and routine2.
    • Take a warm bath2.
    • Darken your room when it is time to sleep and keep noise down2.
    • Avoid large meals, caffeine and other stimulants at night2.

    Faithfully following a good routine will result in improved sleep quality. If you’re still having trouble, NutriRain’s Sunshine can help support mental and emotional clarity and relaxation. NutriRain’s Delta Sleep support physical and mental relaxation. When taken together, the result is a complete sleep experience addressing mental, emotional and physical relaxation promoting a restored natural sleep cycle.


    Mark Dayley
    Mark Dayley